Mirza Redzepagic

Flamenco guitarist from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mirza Redzepagic is a pioneer of flamenco music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a classically trained guitarist and a great aficionado of maqam music his idea is to connect all of this arts to create a unique sound and atmosphere. Currently, Mirza is working in various music projects. 

NAIRUZ - a journey between flamenco, maqam and sufi mystic music is the latest Mirza’s project in colaboration with Israeli/Mexican contrabassist Daniel More and sufi singer and ney artist Almedin Varosanin. The music of Nairuz is composed in flamenco/oriental manner where flamenco palos communicate with maqam improvisations (taqsim) and singing poetry of great sufi poets. Nairuz had it’s premiere concert on XX2 Jazz Fest Sarajevo on November 2018.

The project Sevdah Duende had it’s premiere in 11. Ankara Flamenco Festival on November 17th 2017. It combines flamenco with bosnian traditional music -  SEVDAH. Together with Ivana Djuric (violin), Davor Maraus (percussion) and Kenan Mackovic (vocal & piano) Mirza’s idea is to combine sevdah songs with the different styles and aesthetics of the flamenco music.

Another project Flamenco Balcanico was unique performance of fusion between flamenco and music from the Balkans. The concerts were performed in major music halls across Bosnia.

Tareb y Duende is a musical journey between flamenco and oriental music. Mirza gathered the group of musicians from three different former Yugoslav countries (Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia), sadly separated by war 20 years ago, as a symbol of musical unity and universal “oneness’’. Together with Nina Coric (flamenco voice), Almedin Varosanin (oriental voice), Almir Nezic (bass guitar) and Davor Maraus (percussion), Tareb y Duende was first performed at the 5th Zagreb Flamenco Festival in September 2016 in Croatia, and on May 2017 Tareb y Duende was performed in famous Croatian music hall ''Vatroslav Lisinski'' in Zagreb.