Mirza Redzepagic

Flamenco guitarist from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mirza Redzepagic started his musical education at the age of 8 as a guitar player. At the age of 10 on a Talents competition in Novi Sad, Serbia he played his first concert, where he was graded as a huge talent and there he begins his music career. As a primary music school student he holds a series of concerts across the country and takes part to many national and international competitions.  
He continues his secondary music education in Belgrade in a class of Mr. Zoran Anic, and simultaneously attends Gymnasium in his hometown. In 2006 he continues his education at Music Academy in Sarajevo as a solo classical guitar player in the class of Prof. Alexander Swete, where he graduates in 2010 with the highest possible honors. In may 2010 on the invitation of his professor, who works as a full time professor at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wienna, Austria, with a few colleagues he performed a concert in Vienna as a representative of guitar department of Music Academy in Sarajevo. During his young music career he held concerts in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Austria.

He also studied oriental (Arabian, Iranian and Turkish) music with Sanel Sabitovic in Sarajevo, and classes of jazz music with highly respected Bosnian jazz musician Sinan Alimanovic. 

Summer of 2012 Mirza spends in Granada (Spain) where he attends classes of flamenco guitar with various masters of flamenco such as Jorge el Pisao and Ruben Campos. 
At 2013 Asociación Española de Guitarra Flamenca (AEGF) located in Madrid gives him a scholarship for Master diploma in flamenco guitar, where he specialized his flamenco studies with renowned flamenco guitarist and teacher Jose Deluna. 
Apart from classical and flamenco music he shows interest in, and has respectable knowledge of rock, blues, jazz and especially world music and traditional Balkan music. He composed and performed music for theatre.
He was a founder of Sarajevo Guitar Quartet.

Mirza is a professor and a representative of Asociación Española de Guitarra Flamenca (AEGF) for Balkan countries.